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Montessori-inspired Educational Toys
For Toddlers and Babies

Created for you by an elementary school teacher with 40 years of experience.

Need a perfect gift for your niece/nephew or your colleague's child and don't know what to get?

Try Montessori-inspired educational toys for toddlers and babies. Their parents will be grateful.

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What do Montessori toys teach?

Maria Montessori believed that accurate actions with small objects form the intellect, and develop speech, attention, and memory.
Therefore, in her system, there are lots of activities related to stringing objects, guessing them by touch and texture, and sorting.
Montessori-inspired educational toys aim at teaching logic and developing the fine motor skills of the child.
Montessori toys, depending on the type, help to achieve the following:
  • teach to count;
  • introduce the shapes
  • help the child learn colors;
  • get to know the world around you.

What Montessori toys to buy?

Choosing the right Montessori toy will depend on the age of the child. You can buy Montessori toys from the moment your child reaches 9 months.
However, not all products are suitable. You will need to start with simple games. For example, simple puzzles. Then gradually increase the difficulty degree.
It is important that the toy is age-appropriate for another reason. The child will quickly lose interest in complex puzzles. On the other hand, too simple tasks will not bring much benefit for development.
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What to pay attention to when choosing a Montessori toy for a baby?

When buying toys for young children, make sure there are no small parts. A child can swallow such an element.
It is allowed to use toys with small chips if the baby is under adult supervision.

What is so awesome about us

“Andy Toy Story” was inspired by the birth of my grandson, Andrew.

So, I am personally invested in making Andy’s learning toys better, funnier, and more efficient.
What makes the whole experience great, is that what I make for Andy, the exact same products I will make for your precious little one.
Meaning, that all the toys have been tested by us, me and his parents.
So, here is the list of our awesomeness:
  • All of our toys have been tested by us.
  • All the toys have been improved in the meanwhile (no one is perfect from the beginning, right?)
  • Though Andy has two dogs at home, my home is completely pet and smoke-free.
  • We always wash and iron all the fabrics before manufacturing.
  • Finally, Andy loves them and we hope that you will love them too.

Family quality fun-time

The Montessori method is all about kids discovering the world surrounding them.
But what can be more fun than to play together and help them on this marvelous journey? Playing with learning toys can be a great experience for you as well.
My other 40-year old daughter likes playing with the labyrinth from the Felt Sensory book. (Don’t judge…)

Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and more...

Don’t know what Christmas present to give your nephew? Your best buddy’s baby girl has her birthday and you are at a loss what to buy?
No, problem. Andy Toy Story has a solution for you! Feel free to browse our Montessori Quiet books and I Spy Toys!
I am sure the parents will be thrilled.

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Montessori-inspired Educational Toys For Toddlers and Babies

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