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Hello and welcome to Andy Toy Story, your site for Montessori-inspired sensory toys.
So great to see you pop up in here!
Here, you will find baby and toddler toys inspired by the Maria Montessori educational method. Educational toys such as Sensory Toys and Books, I Spy Toys, also known as Seek and Find Game, and much more.

What is so special about Montessori sensory toys?

The sensory toys help your child to develop his fine motor and cognitive skills. Mind you, Montessori kids grow up curious and open to new knowledge. They grow up independent, free, and they know how to find their place in society.
Hence, this is my goal. This is what I have in mind when I design and create my Montessori sensory toys for Andy. I want him to discover the wonders of this world at his own pace. I want him to find his passion in life and make this world better.

Do you want to know more about Montessori sensory toys?

What makes sensory toys so popular? Do you want to learn more about Andy and the creation process? All you have to do is hit the “Read more” button and I will reveal my secrets to you. Well… not all of them, but let’s see…

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